Webco Industries


Webco delivers North America’s widest range of tubular products, rapidly fulfilling urgent orders and helping customers avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns and production delays. Customers in the aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, industrial, oil & gas, power generation and other industries, rely on Webco’s strength, agility, and innovation to deliver solutions for their most challenging requirements. In fact, Webco manufactures and distributes millions of feet of quality tubing made to meet today’s most demanding specifications, shipped 24/7, worldwide.

Our welded and seamless titanium tube products are available in variety of grades and sizes, standard/off-the-shelf or tailored to meet customers’ unique requirements. Lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistant, titanium is the material of choice with customers looking for a dependable long-term solution.

Other manufactured-to-spec tubing and pipe products include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, nickel alloy, non-ferrous and specialty alloys. Brass, copper, and other alloy tubulars are available on demand.

When it comes to ordering custom mill products, customers are often forced to rely on multiple vendors to supply a single solution. Subtracting those extra steps can save time and subtracts headaches associated with managing additional logistics. Webco has continuously reinvested in equipment and flow-optimized facilities to accommodate today’s demanding customer requirements, including escalating requests for annealing, custom cutting, end forming, finning, u-bending, and testing that meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME/ASTM.

Webco maintains a culture for relentlessly pursuing process and product excellence, enabling ever-improving productivity/product quality. For a current list of our ISO, IATF, PED, and other certifications as well as ASME, ASTM, and other specifications offered, visit webcotube.com



9101 West 21st Street
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063
United States of America

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