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TSI Titanium, a PRV Metals, LLC company, is a manufacturer of Ti bars and forgings. Product forms range from .500” dia. to 22” dia. Round bars. Squares and Rectangles range from .500" thick rolled bars to open die forgings. Custom shapes can be forged or rolled. A fully integrated facility with forging, conditioning, cutting, rolling, heat treating, straightening and finishing operations on-site. Ti 6-4, 6-4 ELI, 6-2-4-2, 6-6-2, CP-2 and CP-4 billets stocked for optimum deliveries.

For over 40 years, TSI Titanium has provided the highest quality titanium mill products for aerospace, medical, chemical and other commercial users of titanium. TSI is firmly committed to being the industry leader in technological innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service.

TSI Titanium offers a variety of products including round bar, rectangular bar and large forged bars and blocks. Having experience in manufacturing virtually every grade of titanium, TSI also offers a variety of conversion services.

Grades Shapes/Size Capabilities
TSI Titanium has complete control over each step that transforms as-cast ingot to finished bar, including forging, conditioning, rolling, heat treating and machining. Products are available in various shapes and a wide range of sizes. In addition to providing standard products, TSI can accommodate requests for custom orders.








PO Box 69
Derry, Pennsylvania 15627
United States of America

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