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Custom Titanium Tubing North America - Titanium Joe

We specialize in Titanium sheet, plate, bars, tubing and weld wire. We stock a huge inventory, ready to ship out immediately. In most cases we take orders and ship them out the same day. Please browse our online catalogue. We list it all out for you with prices, so you don't need to guess at your cost. We carry most of our sheet, plate and solid bars in our California facility. We stock most of our tubing and weld wire in our facility located right near the Ontario & New York border.

We sell our tubing and bars in increments of 6", so whether you need two feet or two hundred feet, we can meet your needs. We supply both production quantities and small quantities for prototypes and hobbyists. So if you only need a small amount of material to get a sample product to market, we have a very low one piece minimum order policy. That way you can get your required material without being bombarded with too much excess waste and expense.

Once your product takes off, we would be pleased to supply your larger quantity orders. If you have any Titanium requirements, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We would be happy to stock the size that you use on a regular basis. Just let us know what size and quantity you need and roughly how much you would use per month or per year. We may have several other customers wishing for the same material and we may begin stocking it as a regular item.

Please also let us know if you have surplus Titanium you are looking to sell. If it is an item that we can use, we can offer you above market prices.



1407 John Counter Blvd
Unit 90B
Kingston, Ontario K7K 6A9

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