Sector3 Appraisals, Inc.


Sector3 Appraisals is an independent appraisal firm specializing in the metals and chemicals industries. We value inventory as well as machinery & equipment at all levels of the manufacturing chain, from major producers to distributors and OEMs through Tier-II suppliers. Clients use Sector3 valuations to secure financing for working capital, M&As, and debtor-in-possession settlement. Sector3 also provides liquidation consulting.
Sector3’s focused expertise produces a targeted, insightful and truly useful appraisal.
We help companies and lenders decipher the underlying value of raw materials, metals, chemicals, plastics, and commodity inventory and machinery and equipment.  We are successful because we:
  • Specialize in the metals, chemicals, plastics, and commodity markets;
  • Offer extensive metals, chemicals, and plastics valuation experience
  • Believe customer service is a long-term objective.  
These advantages set Sector3 apart from other appraisal companies, and have made Sector3 one of the largest metals, chemicals and commodity appraisal firms in the U.S.
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Accurate appraisals and relevant services save clients time and money.



33 Acorn St.
Providence, Rhode Island 2903
United States of America

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