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Perryman Company is a vertically integrated producer of specialty titanium products. From melting, forging, and fabrication to finished product, Perryman’s quality and technical expertise is unmatched. Perryman supplies and services customers in the aerospace, medical, consumer, and recreation markets worldwide. Approvals include ISO9001:2008; AS9100, NADCAP. Perryman Company is headquartered in Houston, Pennsylvania. Company offices are located in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, London, Zurich, Tokyo, and Xi’an.

At Perryman Company, there's no such thing as "good enough". Our consistent commitment to quality has made us a global leader in the manufacturing of titanium products.

Since our beginning in 1988, we have strived to meet the ever changing needs of our customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Today, we are firmly established as a respected melter of titanium ingot and producer of titanium bar, wire, fine wire and shapes. Still, the foundation of our company remains the same as it always has : providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Our uncompromising standards have driven us to a fully integrated manufacturing process, from melting to finished products. By managing the entire supple chain, we ensure that the most stringent standards are met - and that our cutomers receive the best possible product.

As the needs of our customers continue to evolve, Perryman Company will respond with the same customer focused approach that has made us the preferred supplier of titanium products worldwide. We look forward to growing - and innovating - with you.

Titanium Products

The Perryman Process

Perryman is a global leader in the manufacturing of titanium products. Since our beginning in 1988 the company has met challenges to grow and expand in order to meet our customer’s evolving needs.

Today, the company is firmly established as a respected melter and producer of titanium ingot, bar, wire, fine wire, and shapes.

With an unending focus on quality, Perryman has invested in an integration program which included installing the best equipment and utilizing common sense manufacturing processes in putting the right pieces in place to meet our customer’s most stringent requirements.

Ensuring quality through total supply chain management and technical expertise is at the core of Perryman’s integrated manufacturing process.

Through our strategic investments and a view to the future, the Perryman Company has positioned itself as a premier world-wide supplier of titanium products.

We invite you to learn more about Perryman’s fully integrated titanium capabilities.

All Major Grades

    • 6AI/4V
    • 6AI/4V ELI
    • 3AI/2.5V
    • CP grades 1, 2, 3, 4
    • 6AI/6V/2Sn
    • Beta Alloys

Size Range Perspectives

  • Fine wire down to .006” (.152mm)
  • Finished coil .099” (2.51mm ) to .575” (14.60mm)
  • Round bar .1181” (3.00mm) to 4.00” (101.60mm)
  • Net shapes up to 1.00” (25.40 mm)
  • Rectangles: Minimum .250” (6.35mm) up to 2.00” (50.8mm) by 3.00” (76.2mm)
  • Squares: .250” (6.35mm) up to 2.00” (50.8mm)
  • Flats: .250” (6.35mm) by .375” (9.52mm) up to 2.00” (50.8mm) by 3.00” (76.2mm)
  • Custom profiles available upon request


213 Vandale Drive
Houston, Pennsylvania 15342
United States of America

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