OSAKA Titanium Technologies Co., Ltd.


OSAKA Titanium technologies Co., Ltd. manufactures premium quality titanium sponge mainly for aerospace use, high-purity titanium billet for semiconductor industry, titanium powder for powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing, and other titanium‐silicon related products.


The current process for producing titanium was developed by Dr. Kroll in 1946. In 1952, our company became the first company in Japan to succeed in commercially manufacturing titanium and we are now among the world's largest makers of this product.

Titanium sponge is manufactured in six countries including Japan, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China. However, only a few manufacturers, including our company, have the technology for manufacturing high-quality titanium sponge (referred to as premium grade) for use in the manufacture of critical parts such as aircraft engine components.

Due to our capability to develop unique technologies and our accumulated expertise, we are recognized by our customers as a leading manufacturer of titanium sponge, in terms of both quality and quantity.

We also manufacture titanium ingots using titanium sponge as the primary raw material. Distinctive features of our large titanium ingots include their excellent surface condition and high internal quality. Lightweight, strong and rustproof, our titanium ingots are processed into pipes and sheets; pipes for such large-scale facilities as thermal power plants, petrochemical and seawater desalination plants, and sheets for heat exchangers used in ships and LNG manufacturing plants. We intend to further expand our business based on the platform of titanium sponge manufacturing.


Titanium Powder,“TILOP” Gas atomized Process)


Additive Manufacturing (AM), Metal Injection Molding(MIM), Spraying, Sputtering Targets, Hot Isostatic Press(HIP)

Gas Atomized Titanium Powder for Additive Manufacturing and Metal Injection Molding Applications

OTC has been producing gas atomized titanium powder since 1990. Our unique atomizing process does not require a crucible that might be a source of inclusions. Since OTC is known as one of the world largest titanium sponge producers, we are able to source aerospace quality titanium for producing the titanium powder. Due to OTC's unique atomizing process and the high quality titanium, we are proud to be able to provide our gas-atomized spherical titanium powder "TILOP (Titanium Low Oxygen Powder)" to our customers in the aerospace and medical industries.

Additive manufacturing technology has recently been the subject of considerable attention. It is believed that this technology can totally change the manufacturing process making it much faster, result in higher yields and have an overall benefit in terms of total production cost. Among a range of materials, titanium is said to be one of the most suitable materials to which additive manufacturing technology should be applied. Due to its high quality and spherical nature, TILOP is eminently suited to this promising field of additive manufacturing.



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