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GfE, founded in 1911 and being part of the AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of high performance metals and materials with about 450 employees at two production sites in Germany.

Having gathered valuable expertise in the production of master alloys for more than 40 years, we offer a wide range of high-quality products that meet the highest technical requirements for different specialized sectors, such as aerospace, super alloy, leisure and automotive industry as well as power plants, chemical plant construction, ship-building, off-shore technology, and many others.

Our master alloys are used, for example, in titanium and nickel based super alloys to produce special corrosion and heat-resistant parts for aircraft engines, land based turbines, off-shore drilling applications, and exterior shields.

Furthermore titanium as high-purity HDH powder is produced by GfE for thermal spray coatings. Its specific characteristics offer an advantageous material for porous layers on medical implants.

For PVD thin film technology we provide titanium based coating materials, like Titanium Aluminum or Titanium Silicon, available as arc cathodes and sputtering targets. They are utilized for wear resistant, protective hardcoatings and decorative layers, for example on cutting tools or automotive components.

Our wide-ranging product spectrum is completed by inter-metallic Titanium Aluminum light weight alloys, known as gamma Titanium Aluminide alloys. Its present applications include low pressure turbine blades (LPT) for civil aircraft engines as well as turbocharger wheels for the automotive industry.

GfE brings more than hundred years experience and know-how to the field of material science, technology, engineering and manufacturing; this experience is invaluable and is applied in the development of tailor made materials, customized applications and solutions for our customers.

Our resources include material consultation, product development and R&D on new materials and components in close cooperation with each customer, served and supported by our worldwide sales channels.

Through stringent testing in our accredited laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, we are able to provide world class quality products that meet the highest technical requirements. Our certifications include ISO 9001, EN 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and BS OHSAS 18001 further demonstrating our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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