Bahco’s 3860 Multi Chip Carbide bandsaw blade has been developed specifically for cutting Titanium Alloys. The 3860 Multi Chip Carbide blade improves and optimizes bandsaw operation and is the world leader in cutting technology. In the 1980’s Bahco developed and patented the first "Set Tooth” Carbide Bandsaw blade to provide fast, efficient cutting of exotic alloys and have led the way in this sector ever since.
3860 Multi-Chip Unset Carbide Tipped TMC bandsaw blade developed specifically or cutting Titanium Alloys
  • Performs extremely well cutting Titanium solids and blocks, 718 and other high temperature Alloys and aluminum.
  • Special tooth geometry designed for Titanium applications.
  • Unset teeth provide a superior surface finish, long life and eliminate secondary operations.
  • Special grade of carbide tooth material provides maximum life and cutting performance.
  • Tooth tips are fine ground to give a sharp edge essential for cutting Titanium.
3860- Multi Chip Unset Carbide Tipped – TMC is available in widths ranging from 1-1/2” to 4”


19 Keystone Industrial Park
Throop, Pennsylvania 18512
United States of America

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