ALD Vacuum Technologies North America, Inc.


ALD Vacuum Technologies designs, engineers, and produces advanced vacuum metallurgy and heat treatment furnace systems involving many different technologies of interest to the SVC membership. Close cooperation with well-known manufacturers and OEMs have strengthened ALD’s capabilities as a supplier of key technologies to demanding aviation, power generation, environmental, photovoltaic and automotive markets.

  • ALD’s premium melting and remelting VAR and EB and Plasma Cold Hearth Remelting furnaces mass-produce premium titanium and zirconium alloys.
  • ALD’s EIGA Electrode Inert Gas Atomization furnaces produce spherical titanium, zirconium, and other specialty alloy powders for PM applications and metal additive manufacturing.
  • ALD’s vacuum investment casting furnaces for titanium include VIM cold wall induction skull melting (ISM) and VAR skull melting and casting (VAR-SM).
  • ALD’s Hot Isothermal Forging (HIF) furnaces produces critical, near-net-shape, rotationally symmetrical parts via superplastic deformation of titanium, superalloys and molybdenum.
  • ALD’s vacuum heat treatment furnaces include high pressure gas quenching, sintering and other special applications.

As part of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., Netherlands, ALD employs approximately 900 people in 10 countries. AMG is a global critical materials company at the forefront of CO2 reduction trends and emerging technologies, producing highly engineered specialty metals and mineral products.

ALD Vacuum Technologies North America, Inc.
18 Thompson Road
East Windsor, CT 06088
Tel: +1 860 386 7227

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
Otto-von-Guericke-Platz 1
63457 Hanau
Tel: +49 6181 307 0



18 Thompson Road
East Windsor, Connecticut 06088
United States of America

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